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Simusca - creating captivating engagement

We're innovators who are always experimenting because we are always brimming with ideas on new ways of bringing value. Our in-house expertise have allowed us to continuously develop new features and applications.

Share with us your woes and ideas to create new means of audience engagement.



We listen and constantly innovate - creating features to provide effective audience engagement with our user centric solutions


To break physical-digital engagement boundaries by creating new ways to provide effective and meaningful engagement experience for both the client and their audience

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The Co Founders

Jasmine - Operations director

aka Aunt Agony of Advertising Woes

Imperial College Business School

MSc (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management) 

More than 10 years of Corporate Experience, with 6 years specialization in innovation development including understanding customer painpoints and conceptualizing user centric solutions by mapping problems with tech solutions.

Stefan - Technical director

aka the Magic Maker

Imperial College London

MSc (Electrical and Electronic Engineering
- Communication and Signal Processing)

Technical expert and experienced in software, display hardware. Loves making things work.

The know-how

We have the in-house knowledge for both hardware and software, giving us the edge to constantly upgrade our display hardware and develop new features and applications. Our user centric focus helps great experience for both our clients and targeted audience.

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